How to Organize a Class Reunion?

You might have had many friends while in high school. But do you know where they are? Maybe you are asking yourself many questions about where to find your friends. Well, we have a solution for you. Have you tried organizing a class reunion? 

A class reunion is among the easiest ways to find your former classmates. If you have been selected as the president to organize the reunion and are wondering how to do it, we have some tips that will help you out. Check out our article below on how to organize a class reunion.

Create a committee

Once you have been chosen as the head for the reunion, consider forming a committee for the reunion. Unlike before, forming committees is easy these days thanks to social media. You can form both offline and online committees. Decide the number of people every committee should have. If your class was big, you can have two or more committees. Ensure that there are one or two people in each committee that will attend the reunion event. Failure to do this may render the reunion a failed event. 

Form reunion groups

Apart from having a committee that will help with the reunion, groups too can help. Use social media to create those groups. For instance, you can create one on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you graduated in 2005, you can create a group for the 2005 class reunion. It will help your friends to easily join and engage with others. It is easy to organize a class reunion as compared to a school reunion. This is because most people are willing to engage with people they know and have good memories together.

Set a date

Once you have created the groups, it is time to set a date for the reunion. The turnout of the event will depend on the availability of your classmates. Agree on a date that is convenient for everyone. For instance, most people are free on weekends, choosing one weekend and let everyone agree if he or she will be available for the meeting. The best way to do this is to use tools such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey. 

Let the members pick a date and then use those with most votes to create a survey. You can then decide on the date for your event once they fill the form. 

Choose a location

This is another crucial factor that will help to ensure you have a successful event. The locations need to be easily accessible to everyone. Since most people are not in their homes, you can decide whether to hold the event in your former school or a hotel. The aim is to ensure that every member can access the area without difficulty.


While a class reunion can be a joyous moment, there will always be a sad moment. It has been years since you saw each other and there are chances some of your former classmates are dead. Be ready for any news.